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Contest Rules

Every contest must have rules in place to ensure fairness so there is no cheating taking place. In addition, as the contest administrator, I reserve the right to discipline anyone at any time, which may include removal from the contest, if I suspect any cheating or foul play going on. Please keep in mind that this is a free contest for everyone. Therefore, there is no risk involved as a player and you have nothing to lose.

There are measures put in place to maintain fairness, mostly programmed into the contest. This means that the picks must be turned in by a certain deadline each week if any credit is going to be given. While picks can be submitted more than once in a given week, they must be made before the deadline. Reminders are sent out weekly, so there is no excuse for failure to submit the picks for the week unless there is computer downtime. It is recommended that you double-check all of your picks so that you have every game picked for that particular week. It can be checked immediately after submitting your picks. If you fail to submit a week, it will not be counted and no credit will be given, so you will want to be certain you turn in all of your picks each week. If you fail to turn in your picks for 3 consecutive weeks, you may be automatically removed from contest list at the discretion of the Vikings Contest Administrator. If you do not wish to participate in the contest for the remainder of the season, please fill out the Request Form.


The deadline to turn in your picks is the scheduled game-time. For example, if the game states it starts at 7:15 PM, the deadline is 7:15 PM. Due to the programming restrictions put in place, there will be very few exceptions and flexibility involved. To explain why, each game has a deadline field given in the database. If the game has already begun and you attempt to access the picksheet to submit your picks, you will notice that the games that have already begun will not be listed and you will be unable to pick them. If you forget to submit the Thursday games for example, you will notice when you access the picksheet, you will not see those games listed. The best recommendation is to turn in your picks as soon as you receive the first weekly reminder. You can always change your picks later in the week and as many times as you want during the week before the deadline. Also, double-check your player selections to see that you've included your picks for every game. After each submission, you will receive a copy of your picks, as well as the contest administrator. Any attempt to submit your picks after the deadline may result in loss of picks for the week at the discretion of the contest administrator.

With the new programming feature put into place on the picksheet, it will not require you to make all your picks. So you can make your Thursday picks only without making your other picks, and then later after the Thursday games are played and you fill in your other picks, you won't lose your original picks you've submitted. You are allowed to make your picks more than once before the deadline.


I will acknowledge on a weekly basis the top contestants for the week. The winner of the contest at the end of the season will be awarded a prize courtesy of our sponsor and if the Vikings do not make the playoffs, the top player to consistently pick the Vikings every week may also be awarded a prize. If there is a tie at the end of the season, the contest will continue to run throughout the playoffs for the leaders until a winner is clearly and finally declared. If the contest still makes it to the Super Bowl and no one has yet been determined to be the winner, the leaders will then pick who they think will win the Super Bowl and the final score of the game as a tiebreaker. The contestant who comes closest to the score should they pick the same team to win will be declared the winner and claim the prize. But regardless of the prize, please remember that this contest is just for fun and don't take it so seriously if things go bad and you just can't pick the right teams to win. If nothing else, set your own goals and try to reach those goals or compete with others on the list! Enjoy and have fun!


While using the chatroom, posting messages to the message board, or submitting comments about the contest, please do not use any foul language, or use it for any other purposes other than for contest, football, and similar topics. Please keep in mind that kids may be looking over the shoulder of their parent while they are reading messages. If you see any messages that you feel are not appropriate, please contact the Vikings administrator by filling out the Request Form. If I receive any complaints and find out who is responsible, punishment may follow. I expect common courtesy and compliance by everyone. Please keep in mind that if all this was put in place, it can also be easily removed if problems arise. Although it is impossible for me to monitor everyone, if problems arise, and are reported to me, action will be taken. I do trust that everyone will obey the rules and not ruin it for others. Please keep in mind that is not responsible for the statements or comments made on the "Vikings Contest" message board or chatroom on


I do not make any personal financial gains for running this contest, nor do I encourage others to make any personal financial gains. is considered a fan website wishing to abide by the terms and conditions of This contest is not to be used for any personal gains by anyone. For instance, if you are a contest participant, do not use the picks by others on this site to place bets in Las Vegas or place bets against each other. This site is only designed for fans to have more fun, so enjoy and have fun!


Penalty may involve losing a week and/or possibly removal from the contest at the discretion of the Vikings Contest Administrator.

Vikings Contest Administrator,
Rodney Stowell

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